Software Development

These are both projects I developed while at Nashville Software School.
GarageTrac was created in the Front-End Course. LiteSupport was created in the Back-End Course. I'll be adding more info about each project soon. Stay tuned!

Graphic Design

Here's a small collection of some of the websites, logos, and other items I designed.


  • AngularJS AngularJS
  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • C# C#
  • Firebase Firebase
  • Foundation Foundation
  • GitHub GitHub
  • Gulp Gulp
  • Illustrator Illustrator
  • InDesign InDesign
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • jQuery jQuery
  • .NET .NET
  • Photoshop Photoshop
  • Sass Sass
  • Visual Studio Visual Studio

About Jen

Since graduating from O'More College of Design, graphic design has pretty much been my life. At my previous job I designed websites, and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to learn how to build them. That's when I first got into programming - and I was hooked. I started with the basics: HTML & CSS. But it wasn't enough!

I decided to attend the Nashville Software School (January 2016 - June 2016) to learn about core programming concepts, new languages, and how it all comes together. I am very eager to learn just about any programming language!